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18th Century furniture

The 17th and 18th Centuries French furniture extend from Louis XIII to Louis XVI; a major period of the French art History. The Biennale des Antiquaires and the TEFAF Maastricht exhibit some of the most important masterpieces of this period, on the stands of Bernard Steinitz, Didier Aaron, Kraemer & Cie, Mallett Antiques, Jacques Perrin... All the major pieces of this Century are sure values. Because of the rarefaction, the masterpieces are sold for much higher prices than 20 years ago. But average quality items have lost 50% of their value since the global crisis. If you wish to invest in such a great field, only buy the best you can afford. Artconsulting was designed to meet your needs.

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  • liubaojie (2011-12-24) Report to moderator Currently, a number of classical Western furniture and modern furniture design concept has a potential market in China, because China's own antique furniture in the same time there is more demand for this new generation of young people feel that some Chinese classical furniture becomes heavy.
    For those who have simple modern design and style of different cultures with their own Western-style furniture began to be interested.
  • االعربية (2011-09-29) Report to moderator محمد
  • G.L. (2011-03-28) Report to moderator Да вы у русских дома не были, они только и делают, что скупают всю подряд французскую мебель как раз 17-18 веков, те, естественно, кому финансы позволяют. Ничто так не показывает, сколько у вас денег, как французская мебель этого периода, а мы же любим показать, кто у нас преуспел.. Еше и учитывая нашу страсть ко всему французскоми и нашу тесную связь с Францией, как в истории, так и в искусстве. Только надо еше, чтобы это шло именно вашему дому..
  • J.Mac (2010-10-27) Report to moderator Pour rebondir sur le commentaire de Antique Shop, je pense qu'en plus du principe de rareté et de la renommée des ébénistes, l'autre point commun entre le mobilier du XVIIIe et celui de l'art déco est que les meubles de moyenne qualité ne se vendent pas. Si les œuvres d'exception atteignent des prix déconcertants aux enchères (et certainement en galeries, mais ce marché est plus opaque), la commode Louis XVI standard et le meuble en palissandre art déco anonyme ont vu leurs prix dégringoler depuis une décennie.
  • The Antique Shop NY (2010-10-26) Report to moderator It's interesting to see how the trends for classic 18th Century furniture and art deco furniture have progressed since the last 20 years. The first has lost half of its value, while the second has gain half of its value. Many collectors of classic 18th Century furniture and works of art have sold their collection for more modern and functional Art Deco art. Since these two specialities are mostly based on luxurious materials, unique pieces and popular cabinetmakers, this new trend on the market isn't much a surprise to me.

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