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Empire gilt and patinated bronze nine-light candelabra

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A large and imposing pair of Empire gilt and patinated bronze nine-light candelabra attributed to Pierre-Philippe Thomire, each with a central flared and foliate wrapped candle branch with a vase-shaped nozzle and circular drip-pan surrounded by eight further scrolled and conformingly shaped candle branches issuing from an acanthus ring heading the patinated fluted columnar stem terminated by gilt bronze acanthus leaves on a flared four sided plinth mounted at each corner by winged lions on a concave-sided base with canted corners
Paris, date 1810-15
Height 110 cm. each.
Literature: Olivier Lefeuel, �Percier et Fontaine� in �Connaissance des Arts�, Paris, 15th June 1954, no. 28, p. 35, illustrating a page from a set of designs by Charles Percier and Pierre Fran�ois L�onard Fontaine for the Russian Tsar of work in the Louvre and Tuileries, showing a woman�s bedroom with a torch�re, which as here has a similar fluted columnar stem with seemingly similar mounts and supported on a very similar base decorated with very similar mounts. Hans Ottomeyer and Peter Pr�schel, �Vergoldete Bronzen�, 1986, p. 393, pl. 5.17.11, illustrating a very similar candelabrum but with a differing and far simpler base by Pierre-Philippe Thomire and signed Thomire Paris of circa 1815. Pierre Arizzoli-Cl�mentel, �The Percier and Biennais Albums in the Mus�e des Arts D�coratifs, Paris�, in the �Burlington Magazine�, March 1998, p. 197, pl. 55, illustrating a design for a related candelabrum by Charles Percier for the Empress Jos�phine in the Mus�e des Arts D�coratifs, Paris.
Not only is this magnificent pair of candelabra of great quality and unusually large size but they can be attributed to the preeminent fondeur-ciseleur Pierre-Philippe Thomire (1751-1843), whose production included a number of similar candelabra which he often supplied to the Imperial palaces. Variants of the model can be found in the H�tel Beauharnais, Paris and in Archangelskoje Palace, Leningrad.