Visit the best galleries in the world

Who are we ?

The team

Tahar ARIB : General manager

Antoinette de BORDAS : Business developper

Philippe le BOT : Marketing Director

Nicolas KRIEF : CIO

Our values

  • Innovation : Technology integration in the art market

  • Customer meaning : Spirit of service to listen to our customers. Strong interaction with our customers.

  • Professionalism : Quality of service and compliance with the undertaking.

  • Performance : We are helping to boost the performance of our clients.

History of Artfinding

Artfinding is an innovative and effective digital solution facilitating transactions among international collectors and art galleries.
Established in December 2006 by William Champavere the company Artfinding has become a reference in areas of the art market. After starting as a broker online Artfinding quickly extended services.

The shift Artfinding 2014:
Tahar Arib, Artfinding new owner, was able to give this company a boost. seeking to address the issues of visibility Art Galleries.
Artfinding now allows users to browse catalogs of works of art by major galleries worldwide.
Artfinding highlights works of exceptions. This platform facilitates and assists you in the acquisition of works of art. We take no commission on transactions. Spaces you possible to visit the galleries. And we want to make it more accessible and responsive mode Today life the art market.