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You whish to appraise your artworks for sale, for an estate or an insurance? Several options are available: browse our galleries directory sorted by country and specialties to find the appropriate gallery nearest from your home; access the list of exhibitors who represent a selection of galleries extremely skilful and specialized; or get in direct contact with one of our independent experts. They are perfectly bilingual in English and French, they can appraise any of your artworks, and they no limit of territorial jurisdiction.

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Extraordinary Meissen Vase

Extraordinary Meissen Vase

Потрясающая пара фарфоровых ваз с крышечками в стиле Севр, украшенных резной позолоченной бронзой  с изображением классических сцен из Илиады

Потрясающая пара фарфоровых ваз с крышечками в стиле Севр, украшенных резной позолоченной бронзой с изображением классических сцен из Илиады


  • Salgado (2014-08-12) Report to moderator Hello, I have several prints that I would like to sell; one is from Picasso "In the Studio"(1926)very rare drawing, from Alberto Giacometti "Buste II" or "Figure Study" 1959/60, from Francis Calcraft Turner "The Noble Tips Tipperary Glory The Marquis at Home 1842, from Thomas Rowlandson "Smithfield Sharpers of the Countrymen Defrauded" Etching by L. K. Sherwin. I would like to know the prices, I saw some similar prints from Giacometti and Picasso and the prices vary from $ 800.00 to $ 9000.00, and even more for the Picasso print. Someone could advice please. I can send images of the prints.
    Thank you very much in advanced.
  • Artfinding (2013-03-25) Report to moderator Bonjour DJIM, merci de nous envoyer votre demande via ce formulaire :
  • DJIM (2013-03-23) Report to moderator j'aimerais faire une expertise sur un le mayeur de merpres, un lee man fong, et un rudolphe bonnet merci
  • Lincoln (2012-03-06) Report to moderator Olá,
    Gostaria de avaliar uma obra assinada por Hans Zatzka que pertenceu ao meu bisavô.
    Não sei se é original ou não.
    Como devo proceder?
  • ВзглядСоСтороны (2011-03-28) Report to moderator Интересно было бы посоветоваться с экспертами... Их можно пригласить в Россию, при условии, что заказчик заплатит за перелет и проживание? Сколько это будет стоить? Эксперт может отправиться с заказчиком в Соединенные Штаты? Есть ли кто-нибудь в компании, кто говорит по-русски (можно и английский). Эксперты специализируются во всех областях? Меня интересует Азиатская археология.
  • Maria (2010-11-26) Report to moderator Desearía conocer el valor aproximado de tapiz de seda aubosson francés del siglo XVIII. Es un escena romántica con greca las medidas son aprox 3x2,40 m. Muchas gracias, un cordial saludo
  • Thomas W Payne (2010-10-26) Report to moderator The galleries is a good way to obtain a quick valuation of your artworks, but they usually undervalue it in order to buy it for a cheap price. An auction house will more easily give you the real value, since its commission is based on the hammer price! But on the other hand a gallery will buy your artwork right away, while the auctioneer will pay you 2 months after the sale... if your lot is sold :(

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