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Invest in art - purchasing advising & assistance

Art is often considered a safe value, a symbol of a stable investment.

Our experience at Artfinding allows us to say that this is a partially true idea. The art market is complex and may seem unpredictable and sometimes impenetrable specialy by novices who do not have all the tools to fully understand the art market's mechanism.

If the art market can be approached as an investment, this is only valid for certain specialties, certain periods, certain provenances and certain ranges of quality.

Like any investment, it requires care that only competent and independent professionals can assure you. To help you in your strategy, Artfinding developed a consulting service and support for investment in works of art and collectibles: Artconsulting.

Invest in art 1) You want to diversify your portfolio by investing in art
Invest in art 2) Artfinding meets you and reviews your expectations
Invest in art 3) Artfinding selects the galleries matching your projects and helps you to meet them
Invest in art 4) OPTIONAL : You may request additional advice from an independent expert
Invest in art 5) You are acquiring along two options to choose from
Invest in art 6) The gallery arranges the shipping and delivery
Invest in art 7) Artfinding advices you for insurance providers, stocking decorating ...
Invest in art 8) Artconsulting rates: contact us
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