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10700. A MASSIVE HERALDIC SPREAD EAGLE wall plaque or overmantle finely cast in burnished aluminium... a practice first used for Alfred Gilbert's statue of Eros in Piccadilly, in 1893 and also used for the gilded Eagle over the US Embassy in Grosvenor square by sculptor Theodor Rozac... with three Ducal coronets on the breast and wings. Since the early 18c when the signs of a Spread Eagle and Three Crowns painted black & gold, hung over adjoining premises at 54 Lombard Street left by previous tenants , unknown...this became the, now 300 year old , emblem of Barclays Bank ,co-founded by James Barclay , a Quaker , in the City of London. It also represents the combined heraldic emblems of Sweden and Poland from the 18th century shared Baltic neighbourhood of those countrys..English 1930s.
SCALE : Imperial .