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Artists' biographies : Regis de BOUVIER DE CACHARD

Date of birth: 1929

Nationality : Regis de BOUVIER DE CACHARD

Regis De Bouvier De Cachard, the French aristocratic artist who for a time during the late 1960s and early 70s had been ranked by critics as one of the 20th century’s greatest artists. Regis De Bouvier De Cachard was born in Paris in 1929 and his artistic pedigree was never in doubt. His uncle was an impressionist painter and his mother was a celebrated pianist. At just 14 y.o. he was admitted to the prestigious Ecole Boulle where he studied sculpture, engraving and painting. He became the youngest student ever to enroll in the Ecole Boulle. His tutor, G. Danjon, said Regis engraved like Rembrandt. He sold his first painting in Venice in 1957 after a maestrotic, spectacular & even sensational Exhibition in Paris. One of his paintings was purchased for the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art, Paris. His magnetising array of artworks were displayed in the Tate Gallery and now some select "works" are with the Tate Britain. In 1973, the International Herald Tribune had speculated that his exhibition. “Les Instant Immobiles” at the Mall Galleries in London might prove to be a “landmark in the history of 20th Century Art equal to that of the first post-impressionist show”. Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Raymond Burr all bought his works. In 1981, his paintings were selling for £ 25,000. He married Sheila Wood in 1957 who was an English model. She was his "muse" and they were the "Golden Couple" seen at all the right parties on both sides of the Atlantic including St.Tropez where REGIS was totally at home with the "jetset". Sheila died in 1992 and REGIS lost his desire to paint in a quite understandable "bleak period". As she lay dying from cancer, Regis painted in pencil and chalk, scene by scene,capturing the "essence" of his wife’s painful & gruelling death. Regis said: “I am going to paint her and pick out the quintessence of her passing away. I want to "mark" a painted memory of her suffering and pain”. Some of these paintings were donated to the Baylor Institute in Dallas,Texas and to Dr. Phil Evans. The Medical Director of the Baylor Institute describes the portraits as “unique” and “extraordinary". Regis spent years in isolation,solitude and unrest following the death of his wife Sheila however the best was yet to come from this "remarkable artistic child prodigy",arguably the best anyone had seen thus far & the "cognescenti" knew that the DaVinci Mantle had been transferred to this shy genius that: The Galactic Interstellar Universe had "prophesied" for "centuries." Regis De Bouvier De Cachard had a non-commercial, retrospective exhibition “Quintessence du Temps”[Quintessence of Time]in JULY 2006 organized by the Carzou Foundation , in Manosque. This exhibition created great interest and catalysed sales demand by all the top world collectors. Regis De Bouvier De Cachard is a distant cousin of Jackie Bouvier Kennedy and he painted John F. Kennedy after his woeful assassination and this portrait is in the Kennedy family.

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