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Artists' biographies : Philippe CARA-COSTEA


Date of birth: 1925

Nationality : Philippe  CARA-COSTEA

Philippe Cara Costea (born September 16, 1925 at Méréville former Seine and Oise, died December 31, 2006 at the clinic Saclas, buried in Méréville) is a French painter and sculptor. Romanian by his father, by his French mother, he is Beauceron (Mérévillois) by birth. He is the father of comic book writer, Carabal (series "Kids" Dupuis). He attended high school at Collège Stanislas, then entered the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris, the Academie de la Grande Chaumiere (workshop Authon Friez). He participated in twenty three years (1947) in Tahiti in the footsteps of Gauguin, with his friend with whom he attended the College Stanislas, the painter Philippe Lejeune to become the founder of the School of Etampes. He obtained a state scholarship in 1955. In addition to numerous exhibitions in France, he is very active abroad: Lausanne, Tunis, New York Coliseum, San Francisco, Cologne, Brussels. He is member of all major national exhibitions: Autumn, French Artists, National des Beaux-Arts, Angers, Drawing and Watercolor, the Jeune Peinture, comparisons, etc.. Table of Price Club, Gold Medal at the Salon of French Artists, price of the Academy of Fine Arts, Grand Prix Beaudry (Taylor Foundation) are a few distinctions that have crowned this artist. Many museums in France and abroad retain his works include the Museum of Modern Art in Paris, the Museum Art Institute of Chicago, and the National Library of France. Extremely productive painter and sculptor, we note primarily its greens that you see in the picture, his Marines, his Group where he has often represented himself, his Orchestra violinist inspired by a friend in a large French conductor, its cathedrals with mainly Ste Croix of Orleans, his female nude paintings and serigraphs but also pastels, especially with the illustration of a book of poems of Emile Verhaeren. Sculptures side, many female nudes, and wood moldings, especially a woman giving birth alone, and especially a child's head in bronze angel whose expression is striking. Finally, he realized 'four monumental works for the city of Méréville: For the college Hubert Robert, a bas-relief (1976), group of children playing in the hollow wall, (opposite the cemetery where he based). To the church of St Peter's Links Méréville degree, the great cross six meter carved hollow in the trunk of Iroko more than one ton (1970). The stained glass (14) semicircular representing Christ's life (inspired Mysteries of the Rosary), the first two were made at the age of 17 years under occupation and without the help of a workshop. The rest of the work (1998) occurred after the installation of the Grand Cross, priority after the fire of 1959 which led to the restoration of the Romanesque building dedicated to St Peter Sc ... Links The Way of the Cross (14 stations) covering on the thick metal, the principle "negative" of the large cross (this time inspired by the Passion on Good Friday), was ready for cutting when he died. Initiated in 1998, the artist, during Heritage Days in 2006, had expressed the desire to see the finished "whatever happens". Friends responded and although its author has not had time to see him laid, it is now in place. We can add a huge canvas enthroned in the entrance to City Hall, representing the group of elected officials and friends of 80 years, there sees her faithful admirer, Jean Claude Schmutz, amateur painter and restorer of old works which The workshop was next to her and with whom he exchanged a lot over the years. Works for Méréville particular importance, first by size, but also by the illustration of the theory of the artist: Negative-Positive work in generating the image instead of reproducing, at some point , as the photographer stops time ... time of a click. He wanted twenty-first century artist. A website ( was realized in his lifetime for his 80th birthday, a friend of his, one can see all the works for which the painter had authorized its publication. This site is still online, it is now hosted by the local tourist office (below).

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