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Artists' biographies : Melchor Perez de HOLGUIN

Melchor Perez de HOLGUIN

Date of birth: 1665

Date of death: 1724

Nationality : Melchor Perez de HOLGUIN

Melchor Perez Holguin (Cochabamba, 1660-1732) was a Baroque painter of colonial Bolivia.Nacido in Cochabamba, spent most of his life and developed his art in Potosi (Upper Peru, now Bolivia). It is unknown who might be your teacher, although there is speculation he could be Bartolomé Esteban Murillo which undoubtedly belonged to the Spanish school of Baroque. Its main production is focused on the requests made to Catholic religious orders, such as the Franciscan and dominicana.Entre His principal works include: Judgment Day (1706), Triumph of the Church (1708, parish of San Lorenzo in Potosí) Archbishop Viceroy Morcillo entry in Potosi (1718) San Mateo (1724), belonging to the series of the Evangelists of the coin, Our Lady of Mercy, The Pilgrim, St. Francis of Assisi (1693, Mint Museum, Potosi) and San Pedro de Alcantara in Ecstasy (1701, National Museum of Art). His work is part of a credulous and miracle Potosi, where the baroque fused with the religious Spanish. The faith of Perez de Holguin and his knowledge of religion, combined with certain supernatural beliefs (paganism), kept him on numerous occasions on the verge of heresy.

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