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Artists' biographies : Hetty KRIST

Date of birth: 1942

Nationality : Hetty  KRIST

Hetty Krist (* 1942 in The Hague) is a Dutch-German artist who through her drawings, etchings and lithographs internationally. Hetty Krist was born in 1942 in The Hague, studied at the School of Art Basel. Since then, numerous solo exhibitions at home and abroad and participating in major biennials for hand drawing and graphic art. Hetty Krist is a lecturer in figurative drawing and art history in Frankfurt, Darmstadt and the University of Tom. By Hetty Krist himself works are in museums and public collections. So a 16 m² large mural on the life of Albert the Great (4 panels) in the Albert Church at the burning bush in Frankfurt / M. The artist lives and works in Frankfurt.

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