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Artists' biographies : Walter RUNEBERG

Date of birth: 1838

Date of death: 1920

Nationality : Walter  RUNEBERG

Walter Magnus Runeberg (born 29 December 1838 in Porvoo, † 23 December 1920 in Helsinki) was a Finnish sculptor. Runeberg was the son of the Finnish national poet Johan Ludvig Runeberg. After finishing his schooling Runeberg began at the Art Academy in Helsinki, specializing in sculpture study. Subsequently, he became the pupil of the sculptor Carl Eneas Sjöstrand. Funded by his teacher Runeberg was in 1858 for three years after the Copenhagen Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and became a student of Herman Wilhelm Bissen. His works from this period clearly show Runebergs model Bertel Thorvaldsen. 1861, Runeberg took a study trip to Rome, where he ... in their own words " of the ancient artists learned and been inspired by his contemporaries did. " During an exhibition in Rome made a modeled by him Silenus stir. Runeberg 1864 returned back to Finland and settled as a freelance artist. The most important work from this period is Ilmarinen forges the moon, on whose model he worked for nearly three years. Before Runeberg created this work in marble, he traveled again to Rome in person to get the desired stone. Rome founded Runeberg a workshop came out of several important works, Apollo and Marsyas, Cupid and Psyche, and other scenes from the myth of Psyche. Runeberg 1877 moved his workshop to Paris, where he lived and worked for years. At the age of 82 years, he died on 23 December 1920 in Helsinki.

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