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Artists' biographies : Ellen SKIDMORE


Date of birth: 1963

Nationality : Ellen  SKIDMORE

Ellen Skidmore was born in 1963, she began painting at a small liberal arts college in Kentucky. Ellen graduated with a B. F. A. in Studio Art in 1988 from the University of Kentucky and continued on with her graduate studies there. As she continued to paint, her style developed into whimsical, design oriented, Matisse- like images. Her subject matter ranges from colorful female portraits filled with movement to equine portraits and landscapes. Music is always an underlying theme in Ellen’s work. “The imagery of musical instruments is significant because of the unspeakable rich passion I hear from them. Elements of nature are also a common thread—flowers, trees, streams, etc. To me, the tiniest things in nature are very comforting in this big, ever-changing world. The figures are portrayed in the stick-like forms because I feel we are fragile, almost ephemeral. I seek harmony and depth in the color and formal space of the canvas- a feeling of both darkness and lightness.” Skidmore’s work is now in extensive private collections across the United States and in Europe. She says, “I feel incredibly blessed to be able to paint, and I hope I will always reach inside to my spirit and become more honest.” Her work is also shown extensively at the Bonner David Gallery, in Scottsdale, Arizona and the Sacred Dancing Gallery, in Big Fork, Montana

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