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Artists' biographies : Harmen van STEENWYCK

Harmen van STEENWYCK

Date of birth: 1612

Date of death: 1656

Nationality : Harmen van STEENWYCK

Harmen Steenwyck (c. 1612, Delft – after 1656, Leiden) was a Dutch Golden Age painter of still lifes, notably of fruit. His birth year is a rough estimate based on the appearance of his first works in 1628. He was the brother of Pieter Steenwijck, also a still-life painter, whose father Evert sent them to learn painting from their uncle David Bailly in Leiden. Harmen became active as a painter in Leiden between 1628 and 1633. He moved back to Delft from 1633 to 1656. In 1654-1655 he made a trip to the Dutch East Indies. Steenwijck is best known for his visual sermon in the painting An Allegory of the Vanities of Human Life at the National Gallery, London.

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