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Artists' biographies : Casimiro CASTRO

Casimiro  CASTRO

Date of birth: 1826

Date of death: 1889

Nationality : Casimiro  CASTRO

Casimiro Castro (1826 to 1889, Mexico City), draftsman, lithographer and painter Mexican. It is considered graphic and landscape historian of great fame in the nineteenth century Mexico. Casimir was born in a newly independent Mexico. Experienced a period of political and social instability marked by wars, foreign invasions and conflicts. He died in the third period of Porfirio Diaz. All this allowed his work is an important graphic testimony of this significant stage of Mexico. Casimiro took lessons with the Italian artist Pietro Gualdi. Casimiro was also greatly influenced by Claudio Linati Prevost, who introduced lithography in Mexico, artistic expression and creative freedom brought a technique that ended with the academic conventions. His first lithographs drawn to the religious and literary publications among which "The Mexican Museum" in 1843 and "El Gallo Pythagorean" 1845. Developed in stone artwork from the Mexican version of the novel "Antonino and Anita" of Edouard Riviere and "The new mysteries of Mexico," and lapsed Massé, 1851. Casimiro's work dealt with almost every aspect of Mexico City as are the luxurious facades, humble neighborhoods, monuments, walks, lakes and canals, the various buildings and architecture in particular of the eighteenth century as well as various trades as the carrier, the waterboy, the fruit vendor or charger. His work gives an account of the various changes in Mexico as republican austerity and change clothes because of the Industrial Revolution. Between 1855-56 the work was published "Mexico and its environs" to be the main author Casimiro Castro, Julian artists also participate Campillo, Luis G. Auda and Rodriguez. This work included 42 prints on Mexico City and surroundings of which 31 were the work of Casimiro Castro included aerial views captured from balloons and from rooftops. "Mexico and its environs" is considered a jewel of Mexican lithography nineteenth century because of the quality of his drawings and lithographs.

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